Choosing the Right New York Wills Lawyer

New York wills lawyer

Making a will is one of the most important ways to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your death. Working with a New York wills lawyer is essential to make sure that these documents are witnessed and recorded properly. At the law offices of Lesly R. Devereaux, PLLC, we work with you at every step of the process to make sure that your will reflects your wishes, the most recent information on your beneficiaries and the correct information on assets and how they are to be distributed to friends and family members.

Who Can Make a Will?

To make a valid will in the state of New York, you must meet some basic requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be of sound mind and memory.
  • You must sign your written will at the end of the will in the presence of two witnesses who cannot be beneficiaries of your will.

Demonstrating that you are of sound mind and memory generally means showing an understanding of the legal consequences of making a will and of the assets you will be distributing through these legal documents. Your New York wills lawyer will typically go over the provisions of your will and will explain to you all of the legal consequences of making and signing a will. Attorney Lesly Devereaux can provide you with the guidance and and knowlegde for properly making your will.

Types of Property to Include in Your Will

In general, your will should include your major assets as well as any items of sentimental value that you wish to leave to specific individuals. Bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, jewelry and collectible items are among the most common items to be included when making a will. Photo albums and other items of purely sentimental value, however, can also be added as part of your last will and testament. Attorney Lesly Devereaux can help you decide what bequests should be included in your New York will.

Choosing an Executor

You will also need to choose an executor for your will. This individual will be responsible for distributing the property included in your estate according to the instructions outlined in your will. They will also pay any outstanding debts or bills associated with your estate and will ensure that the remaining assets are divided among your beneficiaries as instructed in your will. Your executor should be someone you can trust to handle these responsibilities. You can also designate a secondary executor who will step in if your primary executor cannot carry out the legal and financial provisions of your will.

Custody Arrangements

Your will should also include arrangements for the care of your minor children. This will typically include designating a person or persons to take custody of these children and to care for them until they are of age. The law offices of Lesly R. Devereaux can provide you with guidance and support in including custody arrangements as part of your last will and testament. We recommend discussing these issues with all parties concerned to make sure that these custody arrangements are acceptable and practical. This can help your family members to avoid disputes regarding custody for your minor children after your death.

At the law offices of Lesly R. Devereaux, PLLC, we offer practical help for our clients in creating wills, trusts and health care proxy arrangements. Our focus is on helping our clients to manage their legal affairs and to prepare for the future in the most effective way possible. To learn more about the services we offer schedule an appointment with Lesly Devereaux. You can also reach us by email at LD@leslylaw.com. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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