COVID-19 estate planning
The last one-and-one-half years have truly been unprecedented for people in New York. As the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the state and the world, reality has been changed for everyone, and there are signs that the virus is not letting up. In addition to the myriad concerns most people have, some have started to question...
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New York Estate Planning Attorney
Help from a New York Estate Planning Attorney When children turn 18 and head off to college, they are considered to be adults. At this age, they are responsible for making decisions about their health. Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA, parents of college students do not have the legal...
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NY estate planning lawyer
Help From a NY Estate Planning Lawyer All adults should have estate plans in place. The particular types of estate planning documents will depend on your individual needs and wishes. New York estate planning lawyer Lesly R. Devereaux helps people with all types of estate planning documents. Here is a checklist to help you understand...
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New York Estate Planning
Becoming a parent is exciting and brings new changes to your life. When you have a new child, it is time to create an estate plan or review and update the plan you already have in place. New York estate planning lawyer Lesly R. Devereaux offers New York family estate planning services for new parents....
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